Lithium-Ion Batteries Energy Storage

Energy storage solutions with an integrated safety concept offer highly efficient and flexible energy storage at home for private and commercial applications. With the Lithium-ion Energy Storage modules, the home-generated photovoltaic energy that is not currently needed can be stored in battery modules and easily be made available at a later time. Surplus energy is no longer lost.

Lithium Ion Solar Batteries are the Ideal Match for Solar Energy Storage and wind energy Needs. Solar Batteries (Deep Cycle Batteries) are a key component in a stand-alone renewable energy system. Deep cycle batteries come in many sizes: From batteries that are less than 10 pounds to ones that weigh over 200 pounds each! They can be small (and fit in a backpack) or large (2′ x 2′ x 1′) and anywhere in between. Generally, the size and weight correspond with amp hours of storage.


  • Home Storage Free Standing Solution
  • Home Storage Wall mounted Solution
  • UPS
  • Renewable energy storage.
  • Solar application.